What if I told you that your HAPPINESS is closer than you think?

You know the destination. I will take you there!

Hey there! This is Meritxell,

Empathy expert, writer and the owner of a contagious smile. 

I teach empathy to show you that you already have what it takes to be happy. I have created my business as a way to help others uncover their authenticity and built their own Roadmap to Happiness.

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El Arte de la Empatía

Aprende del poder de tu sensibilidad

Empathy is a gift. If you are into traditional self help books you will probably hate my book. No inspirational pretty quotes here. In real life you gotta do the work. El Arte de la Empatía is the empathic gym that you have been looking for to work on your empathic skills. With more than 50 practical exercises and common real life situations you will feel like I am in your head. You will create the habits and routines that will make you live the power of your sensitivity to your advantage.

Take her word for it:

El Arte de la Empatía talks about human nature and relationships. We have to shift the occidental perspective on empathy and high sensitivity and let go of the negative concept of people who live it as “too sensitive” or “who get it all too personal. High sensitivity is a positive trait to create an empathic society based on acceptance, tolerance, respect and love. Meritxell encourages us to start a self discovery roadtrip: to stop, to observe, to listen and question yourself.

Maria Bernabé Simó. Clinical Psychologist.
Expert in Highly Sensitive People (HSP). Professional associated with the Spanish Association of High Sensitivity (APAS

Roadmap to Happiness

Happiness is an Inside Job
Start here
  • Second guessing yourself
  • People pleasing
  • Bitch voice in your head – overthinking
  • Lack of motivation
Step 1-Empathy for yourself
  • Awareness and attention of your thoughts, feelings and body
  • Inner critic – the mean voice: keep that bitch in check
  • Decision making has never been easier
  • Understand your needs – Stop people pleasing

Step 2-Empathy for others

  • Connect genuinely – healthy relationships
  • Active listening
  • Amplify your perspective
  • Open questions – no judgement
Step 3 – Authenticity
  • Powerhouse self-esteem
  • Saying No when needed is a Yes to yourself
  • Aligned with your decisions – No more overthinking
  • Purpose and motivation to go for what you want

Destination: Happiness

How long can you wait to be happy? Let’s go on a roadtrip to Happiness.  I will drive you safely to your destination!

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So, what do you say? Are you ready to be happy?

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