El Arte de la Empatía

Aprende del poder de tu sensibilidad

By Meritxell Garcia Roig

Release Date: October 2019

Available in Paperback and Ebook | Now in Spanish

El Arte de la Empatía in a nutshell

Most self help books are filled with inspirational quotes that you could make a thousand pretty mugs with. I am afraid that El Arte de la Empatía is not that kind of self help book. I believe in doing the work. When you want to master your empathy, your emotions, increase your self esteem and be happy in your own skin you gotta do the work. This means practice. It needs to be done through new habits and behaviours that will make old patterns go away to find a new path that will bring better results.

This book is for everyone who wants to awaken. Move from disconnection with oneself and learn to use self empathy as a tool for empowerment.We are more often than not our worst enemies aka mean voice in our heads. Empathy is a skill that will connect you to yourself and others by finding your authenticity.


This book is specially for you if…

You are an empath and/or a highly sensitive person that wants to understand your nature better and have at your reach options to feel good in your own skin and with your environment. Regardless if you just discovered your sensitivity or you have been working with it to live better you will find in the book tools that will help you in your growth and personal development. Its the practical guide for everyday hsp’s and empaths as well as an eye opener for those around them to understand the trait of those they love.

Empathic gym with +50 practical exercises

Through personal experiences, scientific evidence, resources and more than 50 practical exercises you will be able to understand your sensitive nervous system, reduce your anxiety and stress, learn to process emotions, say no when you need to, active listening and so much more.

Based on my experience as a coach I recognize the importance of establishing daily practices for permanent transformation. Through my personal experience as an empath and a highly sensitive person I walk you through my own path so you can find yours.

Empath common challenges

I detail the common challenges that empaths face such as the fine perception of pain (sometimes we are called hypochondriacs), we get too involved into other people’s feelings, we get overwhelm and we have challenges saying no. etc. We have a sensitive nervous system and an overdeveloped inner critic that we need to keep in check.


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El Arte de la Empatía

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