This is Meritxell

An Empathy Expert, a human connection geek and a recovered people pleaser. I used to make myself small to make others feel comfortable and I had a mean voice in my head that crushed my self esteem. 

Not anymore though! Empathy was the secret for my authenticity. I saw the light that allowed me to be myself in all areas of my life. I became a successful corporate woman leading large teams to success through creating empathic and authentic environments for everyone to shine including myself. My life looked pretty much like Sex and the City (New York and Glam included). But I was not very happy I was missing what made me tick.

I realized that what I really wanted was to teach and inspire others to be their authentic selves and lead their lives and their companies with empathy. My life was turned upside down completely when I published my book The Art of Empathy teaching others what this juicy empathy can do for your happiness. I followed my dreams and I am here to show you the Roadmap to Happiness (link to services, roadmap to happiness) so you can follow yours.

I can help you bring out what makes You be You so you can feel comfortable in your own skin and genuinely connect with yourself and others from your authentic self. We get entangled in our adult life and we forget about what makes us tick. How long can you wait to be happy? Let’s go on a roadtrip to Happiness. I drive!  Wanna join me?

5 Fun Facts About Me!

  1. I love yoga. In hatha and Kundalini classes is where you will find me. I can actually get my feet up to my ears. Not very useful for everyday life though. How is that for a fun fact?

  2. I am a native speaker in Catalan and Spanish, proficient in English. I can read and understand Italian and French. I studied a bit of Chinese and German but I didn’t fall in love with the languages so it didn’t go a long way.

  3. I lost 60 pounds on a healthy diet and lots of self love in the process. The heavy weight I had on my shoulders was covering up my true self that was too scared to get out in the world. I carved myself out of that body that wasn’t mine anymore.

  4. I love healthy food, but not the boring lettuce lifeless type on a plate. Colourful, nutritious and delicious food is my jam. I am always up for a smoothie. If you want to bribe me, get me dark chocolate. The darker the better.

  5. I love reading. I am a library rat. Give me a good book and I suddenly become the quiet person in the room.

My Education

What I studied on the way to Empathy:

  • Life Coaching. ACTP by ICF. Coaching Fusion by Ana Merlino
  • Integrative Nutrition Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York
  • IAHC International Health Coach
  • Leadership, Negotiation skills at European University
  • Postgraduate in Marketing and Ecommerce
  • Hospitality Management Degree
  • The way of the Shaman. Foundation of Shamanic Studies by Michael Harner
  • Advanced Shamanic Training. Foundation of Shamanic Studies by Michael Harner
  • Reiki therapist by the European Federation of Reiki 

Work Experience

  • Life and Health Coach @MeritxellGarciaRoig
  • Empathy Expert @MeritxellGarciaRoig
  • Published Author “El Arte de la Empatía. Aprende del poder de tu sensibilidad” @AmatEditorial
  • Writer at @SandraBrunaLiteraryAgency
  • Marketing and Ecommerce strategist MeritxellGarciaRoig
  • CMO Marketing @Gabi Garrett Media
  • Product Manager, Technical Account Manager and Operations Manager @Travelclick by Amadeus
  • Hospitality Management @Accor @MandarinOriental @Hilton
  • Departmental Trainer @MandarinOriental @Hilton
  • Travel blog @tourismwithme