Services for Individuals

Authenticity is the key to your happiness and your own definition of success.

Your happiness is achievable by finding your true self. You are the expert on your life but sometimes you need someone to drive you around your life to see it in a different light and catch where you need to focus your attention and make changes.

You will find what are your obstacles and how to overcome them. Together we will draft the roadmap to get you where you want to be personally and professionally. Where do you want to start?

Get Unstuck Session

Remove obstacles, open your perspective

Sometimes all you need is a new and fresh set of eyes to look at what you are looking at. If you are feeling stuck let’s get you unstuck. We will figure out what the real obstacle is through coaching and mentoring.

We will find together the answers that live in you. I offer you a safe space to share your fears, your concerns and find a path forward without judgement, with lots of empathy, love and support. Ready to get unstuck?


  • 90 minutes 1.1 zoom call
  • Recording of the session
  • Voxer support – 2 weeks after the session
  • Safe space to be your Real You 


Roadmap to Happiness Program

One foot after the other to Happiness

We spend most of our adult lives juggling work, family, friends and trying to understand who we are. Happiness is an inside job, lives within but sometimes is buried underneath fears, false beliefs and behaviours that don’t serve us anymore.

You will create with my support and guidance your roadmap to happiness. Be aware of where you start and where you want to get. Wanna a ride to happiness?


  • 90 minutes 1.1 zoom call Roadmap to happiness
  • 2 coaching follow up 30 minute calls 1.1 on zoom 
  • Recording of the sessions
  • Voxer support – 6 weeks during sessions 
  • Create your own roadmap to happiness
  • I will give you the best shoes to walk the path with tools and techniques


Turn Your Sensitivity Into A Gift Program

Empathic Gym for empaths and Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

If you are here you are probably struggling to live happily with the sensitivity that makes you unique. Overwhelm? Emotional rollercoaster? People pleasing? Struggling to say No? I have been there and tried everything.

I can help you navigate the struggle and teach you techniques that work for you through my unique method Empathic Gym based on my book El Arte de la Empatía. No more of feeling your sensitivity as a burden. Wanna know how to live it as a gift?


  • 4 coaching sessions 1.1 on zoom 60min each
  • Recording of the sessions
  • Personalized weekly assignments
  • 12 weeks of Voxer support
  • Access to my unique Empathic Gym tools and techniques™ based on my book El Arte de la Empatía.

Group sessions on demand – Gather 4 friends and lets workout in the Empath Gym all together – contact me for more information


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