Are you a business?

Business is never just business. We are emotional beings and genuine human connection is the key to business success.

Empathy is the secret magic wand in business. Being empathic was key to my success on networking, negotiating, conflict resolution and reading others to create rapport and genuine human connection from the first interaction. I can teach you all the empathic magic so you can do that for your business and employees.

This is how I used Empathy in the corporate world:

Creating an empathic culture in the corporate world was not an easy task. What I learned is that empathic leaders and teams that work together are the best teams. They are the most productive, innovative and creative. Without judgement and the presence of acceptance, autonomy and collaboration belonging can emerge. Who doesn’t want to be part of a team where you can be yourself every day? 

My first day at work I was faced with angry faces, blame and guilt and people storming off from meetings. In my last day the team was full of empathy, collaboration that made creative solutions possible. It made every day fun and projects incredibly successful. We became the best team in the company. 


Empathy can help you with:

Your Team

Creating highly efficient and productive teams
Boost creativity and innovation
Create empathic environments that make employees shine

Your obstacles become opportunities

Conflict resolution

Your Leadership

Retain talent by making self-sufficient and autonomous employees
Empathic leadership through coaching and mentoring
Improve results by investing in people’s development

Your Customers

Understand their thinking and serve them better
Bring in the dollars by solving your clients problems
Bring clients in that share your values and philosophy

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Get Your Business Unstuck Coaching 1.1

Remove obstacles, open your perspective

Are you stuck in a situation and you don’t see your way out? Let’s get your business unstuck.

We will go through the context, the obstacles and build up a plan to get where you want your business to be.

How long can you be where you are right now?

Empathic Leadership 1.1 Program

You need help on how to manage your employees effectively? You have tried tools and techniques but there are conflicts, employees who are not giving their best? A project that is not coming together? Being your best self as a leader is key for your success and wellbeing and your employees. We will work on your leadership style through empathic leadership, coaching and mentoring. Get the best of your employees by giving them the tools and the support they need to shine.

Feel good in your skin as a leader.


  • 90 minutes 1.1 zoom call
  • Recording of the session
  • Voxer support – 2 weeks after the session
  • Safe space to share your business concerns




  • Pack of 4 – 60 min coaching sessions 1.1
  • Recording of the sessions
  • 12 weeks of Voxer support
  • Personalized assignments and guidance between sessions
  • Resources and support material on leadership, tools and techniques

1095 EUROS

Tailor Made Programs

Tailored made workshops, trainings, coaching and mentoring.

Do you have a different idea in mind on how we can work together? 

Are you thinking about a specific training or skill that your company needs? Tell me about it and lets work on a plan on whats next for you and your business

Available for Speaking engagements, conferences and keynotes

Wanna inspire and educate your company on what empathy can do for them?